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sap hana certification questions

Last year, SAP HANA introduced based on in-memory technology with which customers can analyze large volumes of data in seconds. This post is about the certifications available on SAP HANA.

In Feb 2012, SAP has provided one Associate Consultant certification with code: C_HANAIMP_10. (There are two certifications available now: C_HANAIMP_1 application for consultants and technical consultants to C_HANATEC_1). C_HANAIMP_1 certification tests knowledge of all aspects of SAP HANA 1.0 for the profile of an Associate Consultant SAP HANA.

The topics of discussion are: the case of business use for the HANA platform, loading data into the database HANA, modeling and creation of views on the database tables to the meaning of data, creating reports using various tools such as SAP BusinessObjects tools created these views, optimizing the performance of these reports, user management, security and data access privileges.

Below I have collected all available information, to the best of my knowledge related to the certification exam:

Q: How many questions are there in the exam?
A: 80

Q: What is the duration of the exam?
A: 180 minutes

Q: What kinds of questions?
A: From the sample questions provided by SAP, the questions have a simple choice or multiple choice answers. Moreover, as the examples of questions, the number of correct responses is shown for each question.

Q: What is the pass percentage?
A: 59% - which means that you get all the correct answers for at least 48 questions.

Q: If a question has three correct answers, and I answer 2 correct answers, will I get partial marks?
A: No, you must meet all the right answers for notes. The rating is binary - either you answer a question right or wrong answer you. Nothing in between. On that note, be sure to pay attention to the indicated number of correct answers to ensure that you have selected a number of answers. Choose answers more or less than that shown is directly you get 0 points regardless correctess your choice.

Q: What training is available?
A: The following courses are available and recommended:
TZHANA: This is a classroom course of two days. Gives a very good overview of all the different components in HANA. The best part of the training was - there was a lot of exercises for students who gave us a good idea of ​​the overall tool.
Rhana: Personally, it's just TZHANA compressed format and is available in e-learning. If you have recently TZHANA you can skip. Although it is a great tool to make a revision of TZHANA (if you did it long before the date of the examination).
OHA10: This is a self-training, all materials are provided online. Of course, some overlap of content with TZHANA but additional and final content is available. I would say it is nice to have (and not a must have) training to pass the certification exam. Of course, I suggest you go through it in the long run.
TZH300: I spent my certification prior to this course, so it is not a must have. The course content includes: how to make transformations using SLT, advanced modeling with HANA studio, import-export objects, join types, SQL scripts and advanced CE functions, etc.

Please note HA100 and HA300 replace TZHANA TZH300 replace in the near future.


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