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sap certification questions

sap hana certification questions

For successful SAP HANA certification you can take the class .. Or you can study for yourself the following materials:

Lecture notes TZHANA
Modeling Guide
Development Guide
Master Guide
Technical Operations Manual
All the above materials can be found on the SAP market place and help you clear the test with a good grade!


Comments Tripan Ghuman:

1.Modelling is the largest Part.I had 27 questions (total: 80) of this part.
Please be sure to read attribute, analytical view and view calculation again and again that the most sensitive issues are these.
2.Reporting is the second largest. There is a graph showing various connectivity options JDBC, ODBC, ODBO, MDX, BICS. There will be a good chunk of questions around these.Also features BO Explorer, analysis, Crystal Reports there.These will be easier to answer if we crossed the document.Those with a working knowledge of the soundtrack will breeze through responses.
Provisioning is the third 3.Data important.Most easy questions are found in this section.
BODS and some different methods of data provisioning.Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of all the methods that are as real-time, etc. Also, make sure that you study all the data flows on what happens when.
4. There will be 6-8 issues security.Please try to get their hands on TZH300 for that.You should know all the privileges and roles in SAP HANA.
5.There is a diagram related to architecture. Make sure we know by heart because there are direct questions there.Also issues persistence layer will be simple.
6.I suggests that the answer to those that you are confident about a flag go.Just those doubtful.You can return again and again to check your questions.
Once you have reviewed all three times you will be able to answer most of them.
Just pay attention to issues more than one correct answer.


Comments by Srinivas Chaganti

1. Content Business (~ 6 questions)
2. Data modeling (~ 27 questions)
3. Provisioning data (~ 25 questions)
4. Optimization (~ 8 questions)
5. Reports (~ 7 questions)
6. Security / Authorization / Import-Export (~ 7 questions)

As mentioned previously, through TZHANA detail with Modeling Guide, Developer Guide, Master Guide, Operations Manual a great help to clear the certification


Deleted HANA Certification on 08/03/2012 with 95% marks ... Some tips on preparing!

Wanted to quickly summarize my experience in preparation for HANA certification and compensation with 95% accuracy ...

1) I have many years of SAP BW and I felt that this background has helped me to easily understand the concepts of modeling HANA experience.

2) I did not go through training, but read a lot of material that I have listed below (preparation time = 10 weeks ~ 3 hours per day).

3) TZHANA is the most important that people must go through a stand point of certification document. But keep in mind, TZHANA is a bit outdated and is not everything in there is true in today's world. For example, TZHANA states that "Point in Time" recovery and connect HANA database backup data is not possible. But if you read the last "Backup and Recovery Guide" you will notice that these two functions are now available in HANA 1.0

4) So my recommendation is to go through TZHANA, understand all the concepts and then go through the rest of the documentation that I have listed below for more specific information.

List of documents:

HANA Master Guide
Technical administration of HANA (optional, but a nice read)
Backup and Recovery HANA
Safety Guide HANA (important to understand all the security concepts)
Modeling Guide
SLT Configuration
Sample question and answers (probably found SCN)

5) Pay attention to all the concepts in TZHANA even if they seem irrelevant to HANA (eg reporting functions BI Suite - Crystal, Webi, Xcelsius etc.)

6) Understand the importance of all schemes and when they are available when modeling (SYS_BIC, SYS_REPO etc.)

7) Finally, but most importantly, make sure that you get some hands on experience with the system when reading through TZHANA, TZH300. There will be some certfication questions can not be answered by previous hands on experience. This experience does not have to come to work at a customer location. I opened an account with Amazon Cloud Share (Amazon Web Services) and I thought it was the easiest way / economical to get your hands on a HANA system.

If you are comfortable with the documents listed above, I am + ve that you can easily clear the certification exam. My only recommendation is to understand the concepts just remember the answers that would help considerably in actual implementations in the future. Good luck!


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