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sap hana certification questions

sap hana certification questions by excepts

1. What are the benefits of implementing SAP HANA with SAP ERP?
a) O performance optimization for operational reporting
b) O processing large volumes of data
c) Reduction of O Business Suite stages.
d) A provision of BI content.
e) O Providing real-time analysis
2. What are the reasons to build a spreadsheet with a SQL script rather than the graph
a) O To use standard SQL functions not included in the modeler
b) O functions to create reusable custom calculation
c) O To query existing attribute and analytical views.
d) O To make projections on the tables.
e) O to perform joins between columns and tables shop online.
3. Which tool you can use to display the data calculation sight?
a) A Preview SQL.
b) O export model.
c) O Data Editor.
d) O Data Preview
e) O SQL Editor
4. You have created a report with sales data from SAP HANA and want to ensure that the values
the report are correct.
With which of the following would you compare the balances on the report?
a) With O balances recorded in the SAP BusinessObjects universe.
b) With the calculated O measurements stored in SAP HANA.
c) O With aggregate values ​​stored in SAP HANA
d) O with the sum of the individual values ​​stored in SAP HANA or in the source system.
5. What technology supports true real-time replication of SAP ERP billiards and ammunition in a
SAP HANA data base?
Please select one (1) correct answer.
a) A Sybase Replication Server
b) O SAP landscape transformation (SLT)
c) O Data Services gVirt_NP_NNS_NNPS __ <__ SAP BusinessObjects
d) O SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward
6. Which of the following parameters are required to configure the server to import the SAP HANA
Please choose the correct answer.
a) A repository name
The credentials.
b) Type O objects
SAP HANA target object.
c) the address O Server
Repository Name
d) Type O objects
source connection.
7. Which component of the module execution control breaks the request into executable parties?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) SQL script O.
b) calculation engine O.
c) O MDX.
d) O SQL parser
8. What are the components of SAP IMCE 1.0 clients
a) O IMCE ODBO 1.0
b) O IMCE ODBC 1.0
c) O IMCE JDBC 1.0
e) All of the O
9. SAP HANA software is available is the following editions
a) Platform Edition
b) Enterprise Server Edition
c) Enterprise Edition
d) Extended Enterprise Edition
a) O Options (a), (b) and (c)
b) O Options (a), (C) and (d)
c) A only (b) and (d)
d) All of the O
10. Semantic Layer (UNX) is available for reports that following reporting tools
a) Õ Crystal Reports business, tables and Webi
b) O Explorer, dashboards and Webi
c) O BI BO Analysis v1.1
d) O MS-Excel and Crystal Reports 2011
11. View calculation may contain the following elements:
a) Õ database tables
b) The views of the attributes O
c) Analytical O considers
d) A calculation considers
12. What is the default perspective of IMCE Studio?
a) O modeler Information
b) Administrator Console O
c) the management of the life cycle O
d) A review of the literature
13. How many types of export / import can be performed from HANA studio?
a) O 2 (client and server)
b) O 1 (Article)
c) O 3 (Client, Server & Content)
d) O 0
14. What is the default schema for the views activated?
a) O _SYS_BI
15. List based replication ETL?
a) A Sybase Replication (LOG BASE)
b) O SBO Data Services (ETL BASE)
c) O SLT replication (DB TRIGGER BASE)
16. What is SAP BO analysis?
a) O MS-Excel 2010
b) O Crystal Reports 2011
c) O MS-PowerPoint 2010
17. What universe is used for semantic layer business?
a) O OLAP Universe
b) A relational universe
c) A semantic universe
18. Overview of the data is available with the following options?
a) O All data
b) Õ distinct values
c) O raw data
d) o Analysis
19. Identify replication services trigger the DB?
a) the replication O LT
b) O-based replication Login
c) A real-time replication Sybase
d) A real-time replication ETL
20. Executive privilege can be assigned to assign View?
a) True O
b) S only analytically
c) A False
21. What is the operating system IMDB?
a) A Unix Enterprise Server
b) O SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
c) A Sybase ASE
22. HANA Enterprise Server can be configured via the scale up or scale-out configurations.
a) True O
b) A False
23. Handling distributed system can not be maintained in HANA since it's just a company server?
a) True O
b) A False
24. What is the role in SAP TDMS SAP HANA?
a) O Used for upgrading HANA studio
b) O Used for data replication via data services
c) O used in replication LT
25. During a power outage HANA DB performs the following operations:
a) O retrieves the point last backup data
b) Collect newspaper O between last save point data and time of failure
c) O Retrieves external hard drive
26. Select the appropriate authorization privileges to control the activation of views?
a) the analytical privilege O
b) O Privilege Package
c) the lien system O
d) the SQL privilege O
27. network authentication protocol is not necessary to access the HANA server?
a) True O
b) A False
28. User Reports clients can not be integrated with users IMCE?
a) True O
b) A False
29. The roles assigned to a user are also grantable to other users?
a) True O
b) A False
30. SSO users can not be created in HANA since its independent information system
a) True O
b) A False
31. Administrators who prefer user controls and create roles schema?
a) the analytical privilege O
b) O Privilege Package
c) the lien system O
d) the SQL privilege O
32. Without analytical Privilege, the data can be accessed from
a) Õ attributes Views
b) O analytical Views
c) Calculation O Views
d) All of the O
33. Analytical privileges belong?
a) O _SYS_BI
34. Private View Attributes attributes are used to attach the key attributes?
a) True O
b) A False
35. Following join types are possible to attribute?
a) A referential join
b) A description join
d) O Outer join
36. persistence layer in HANA DB includes the following elements:
a) Õ data volumes and log volumes
b) A page management and Logger
c) A Row shops column
37. What section controls the processing of data in HANA DB?
a) Transaction Manager O
b) Authorization Manager O
c) A Director metadata
38. What tool is used to create universes for reporting dashboard?
a) semantic layer tool O
b) tool design information O
c) tool in the Universe O layer
39. OPD API for data replication is used in which the replication?
a) S log data replication services in real time according
b) O Data Services 4.0
c) O Sybase real-time data replication
40. RFC connection is required to connect the server database replication HANA data
a) True O
b) A False
41. viewpoint of life cycle management is used to:
a) the management of SAP HANA O
b) O level / updates to HANA Studio
c) O SAP HANA appliance management
42. Modeler also provide a list of users / roles created in the system information?
a) True O
b) A False
43. Views available in Quick Launch information modeler are:
a) O Navigator
b) A list of employment cases
c) S log employment
d) O Properties
e) All of the O
44. MDX rest:
a) O Expansions Meta Data
b) Õ multiple data expressions
c) A Multi Dimensional Expressions
d) A Metadata Scope
45. file content can be accessed from the browser of the Administrator Console?
a) True O
b) A False
46. Which table provides the mapping and allocation rules replication SLT:
47. Transformation in replication SLT can be handled in the following ways:
base) O Event
b) A rule based
c) A function parameter
48. What tool Business Objects is used for data replication to Hana?
a) data designer O
b) A data service designer
c) A central management console
d) tool design information O
49. The measures are:
a) o Data that can be quantified and calculated
b) O descriptive data
50. supply of data can be both the initial charge and replication:
a) True O
b) A False
51. What is the maximum number of lines by default forward data?
a) O 500
b) O 1000
c) O 5000
52. The rules of analytical validation of view can be selected and deselected the "Managing Preferences"?
a) True O
b) A False
53. A package in a package can be created?
a) True O
b) A False
54. Information content delivered SAP models can be activated from?
a) Import O
b) O Migrate
c) A copy of Mass
55. Auto-generates the documentation technical design document in the format of _______?
a) O doc
b) O. pdf
c) O. xml
56. What is the full form of HANA?
57. What non-SAP SAP HANA can connect to?
a) O Oracle Enterprise
b) O IBM Informix
c) A Sybase ASE
58. SAP BO Dataservices can connect to any system including OLTP DBMS and RDBMS?
a) True O
b) A False
59. Hierarchies with levels of hierarchy are supported due to the attribute?
a) True O
b) A False
60. SAP HANA SP03, it will be possible to suspend a table replication process and
retrieve a later point in time
a) True O
b) A False
61. What are the business benefits of ODP for non-SAP BW customers?
a) O Access extractors Business Suite without
through SAP NetWeaver BW
b) o It is not necessary for ABAP data flow and therefore no
ABAP program necessary for the organization of data
c) only O (a)
d) O both (a) and (b)
e) O None of the above
62. Calculation Engine performs the following operations:
a) A set of joints at the time of execution
b) O Create calculated measures and calculated attributes
c) Compute O and performs calculation Views
d) All of the O
63. For SAP BW to be powered by HANA, what are the main steps required?
a) O Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3
b) Database Migrate O (RDBMS) to HANA DB
c) Connect O HANA to BWA
64. The optimized InfoCubes HANA has the following characteristics:
a) O No dimension tables
b) O No secondary fact table
c) O They are "flat structures
d) All of the O
65. LT replication "pattern" can be configured to support the extraction work as follows:
a) O realtime
b) A schedule interval
c) A schedule by time
d) All of the O
66. For views of the attributes of time what types of calendars can be created?
a) O Gregorian calendar
b) O Tax Calendar
c) the timing of plant O
d) All of the O
67. Filter values ​​are assigned to the 'Data foundation "in the analytical view?
a) True O
b) A False
68. Procedures can be created with human Invoker only?
a) True O
b) A False
69. SAP Solution Manager is used to provide remote access to HANA Studio?
a) True O
b) A False
70. Security and authorization SAP HANA is required to maintain the following?
a) Control access to objects / O views
b) O-level security field
c) O restrict access to information models
d) All of the above O
71. Prerequisites for running Crystal Enterprise reports?
a) Õ JDBC / ODBC interfaces
b) A relational universe
c) O MDX
d) All of the O
72. Which of the following cardinalities are supported for the attribute:
a) A 1: N
b) O N: 1
c) O 1:01
d) Y N N
73. Is it possible to add tables later, after the analytical point of view is created?
a) True O
b) A False
74. Packages can be exported without affecting delivery units for exports server type?
a) True O
b) A False
75. "Migration" Quick Launch is used for which of the following:
a) Support multi languages ​​O
b) O N: 1
c) O 1:01
d) Y N N
76. views of calculation can also be used as Business Reporting for?
a) True O
b) A False
77. to attribute provides information data base and can be used in any analytical view?
a) True O
b) A False
78. SAP HANA supports the analysis of "big data"?
a) True O
b) A False
79. SAP HANA IMDB supports multiple hosts in landspace system?
a) True O
b) A False
80. Composer of the information is a browser as the application for end users to create reports?
a) True O
b) A False

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